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Eco Tags™ – 200 printed tags only (no rings)

Our printed Eco Tags – Sustainable Plastic-Free Key Tags

Our brand new fully biodegradable Eco Tags – METAL RING RECYCLE OPTION

Our PEFC certified Eco key tags are made from durable, recyclable cardboard. Printed on tough, durable 440gsm card and coated both sides with a low viscosity, versatile performing UV gloss coating.

Completely plastic free and available in 12 distinct colours. Recommended to be stored within a Motor Approved Key cabinet.

Option 1: Box of 200 eco tags, 200 rings, 2 Tagster pens

Option 2: Save by recycling your metal rings. Box of 200 eco tags only, 2 Tagster pens

Keep costs down – and help the environment – by recycling the metal rings. The most environmentally-friendly option for a busy company!

200  printed eco tags per box
2 double ended pens per box
(no rings)
Available in 12 distinctive colours

£14.95 per box
5+ boxes £12.85 per box

Select product options:

Eco Tags™ – 200 printed tags only (no rings)


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