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GoJaks – heavy duty castors

The Faster Castor system!

New GoJaks, the easy way to jack your car. Simply lift and shift! With steel ratchet arm and bi-directional mechanical ratcheting mechanism.

Available in 3 models (recommended to be used in pairs, and 2 sets of pairs):

GJ5000: GoJak 5000 (up to 565kg per unit, or 2260kg per 4 GoJaks) – our standard GoJak, an excellent all-rounder. 2 UNITS PER BOX: 1x R, 1xL  – £490 (PAIR)

GJ4500: Racing GoJak (up to 506kg per unit, or 2025kg per 4 GoJaks) – for low, light weight, wide rides. 1 UNIT PER BOX: £239

GJ6200: Heavyweight GoJak (up to 705kg weight per unit, or 2820kg per 4 GoJaks) – the Big Daddy of castors! 1 UNIT PER BOX: choose R or L – £239

Buy 4 UNITS and we’ll include our GJ465 GoJak Rack to store your GoJaks in (all models) – free of charge!


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GoJaks – heavy duty castors


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